So here she is, the beautiful Ella, the lady with the most powerful vibes, a sexiness like no other, the look of a sensuel model, so sexually connected you will get lost in her eyes, let me tell you a story about this girl, the one who gave me the most erotic moments from nowhere.

As she undressed for her shower, I was looking at her through the little space left by the open door, as if she was inviting me to come in and join her, but I waited, I watched her in her shower, even there she was so sexy, as she foamed herself, hands over her own body in a sensuel way, I could already feel how badly I wanted her. I know that she saw me and played the game, as she rinced herself, she turned around, bent over for all to see, she passed her hands down her breasts and inbetween her legs and lifted her chin in a unique way she knows, as she got out, she put her dressing gown over her beautiful naked body and took time to appreciate her amazing natural looks. Ella is the woman of yur dreams, she can give out so much power just by her presence, as she droped her robe to apply her make up, I had to come in. After watchinh the shower show, I sttod behind her naked body, as she put her make up on, I just looked at her in the mirror, in silence we just let the lust come to us, just waiting for the moment.

As I could feel the sexual tenson within and coming up, I decided to make contact with her body, I gently stroked her shoulders and face, and ran my hand through her hair, she gave away a light smile, and then I knew, she wanted it, she could feel the same thing as me, it was getting hot, steamy, I wanted her and felt she wanted me, so i passed my hand down her back to feel her reaction, I could feel the sexual energy growing, so I took a step closer and kissed her shoulders and cheek while she was doing her thing, she bent even more over, as an inviation so i passed my hand down her front, feeling her adorable boobs, as i licked my finger her head made contact on my chest, I gently stroked her nipple, pink and beautiful and wet in a few seconds, it became hard and we needed to add spice to the situation, as i started kising her neck and shoulders my hand dropped down her body, she was already wet by the whole ongoing situation, as i passed my hand, over her clito, then pulled it back over her amazingly shaped back cheeks and pinched it, she gave me a sigh of lust … I made sure she dropped her make up and bent over for me, I took my hand, put it to her mouth to lick, she did, and i gave it back to her in a passionate move, as i put my hand towards her vagina, she grabbed me as if to say she was ready, i started making little circles on her clito, all while stroking her back and getting real close over her, I wanted her to feel me, how hard I was for her, Ella wanted it ! No doubt this all she wanted, right now, at that moment, so I went in with my fingers, slowly but deeply to the back i could feel the wetness coming from her, she spread out her arms and got lower as I got deeper, I made sure the sides were soaked and her clito too, and most important that she was open and ready for me,I looked at her, and made her understand what I wanted, she had to kneel down while looking at me, and take me, how she wanted in her mouth, and she did ! The only way she can, she gently circled her tongue around the tip of my manhood before taking it whole, right to the back with a hint of saliva on it, i could hear the noise, the pleasure she took by plesuring me, as she gave me her deep look of lust the noises were so exciting, she was taking me as hard and deep as she could, she was my queen at that moment and i was hers, she went stronger, on her knees, all my power of looking over her down there as she enjoyed rhe ride, as i frlt the time was right, i could feel her excitation, i made her stand up, took one last look in the mirror at her and turned her around, sat her on the sink, eye to eye, a very hot moment with eye contact, I pentrated her, she grabbed my back and sank her nails in me, i was lovung the moment ! It was amazing, as i got deeper I looked her in the eye to say that I was in control of the situation for her own benefit, i made sure i went it real deep and stayed there, I could see her facial expression of appreciation, so i started to go harder, she is just so beautiful during sex, i adore looking into her amazing look, she is the most adorable and hottest in this situation. I lifted her down from the sink, turned her around to see her face in the mirror, she bent down over the sink as low as possible, she was loving it and she wanted it hard, as she whispered, harder to me, plase, I obliged ! I took her deep and hard, all while stroking her back, taking her wetness from her pussy that I was creating and making sure her tits were soaked so I could pass my hands all over her while going as hard as I could, her sqeals got more and more intense, I was watching her take it badly, she was wanting more and more, the intensity was there, hard ! As she screamed for more and more, I had to give this queen what she wanted as she touched herself too, she was overwhelmed by pleasure and was looking at me in the mirror taking her hard until she couldnt take it anymore, such a hot and passionate moment, we both finished, inside her it was warm and wet, simply an amazing moment, the best all inspired by my beautiful Ella.